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Ramon Gras presented the new Aretian Urban Analytics and Design book “City Science: Performance follows Form” at the Rizzoli Bookstore in New York!

Ramon Gras Alomà presented the new Aretian Urban Analytics and Design book, “City Science: Performance Follows Form”, at the Rizzoli Bookstore in New York on June 11th, 2024. The Rizzoli Bookstore is located at 1133, Broadway, New York, in Manhattan. 

During this event, Ramon Gras Alomà discussed the novel City Science developed by Aretian Urban Analytics and Design with experts in the field of urbanism and economics, Serena McIntosh and Gregory Haley. Serena McIntosh works for Bloomberg Associates where she helps cities obtain more strategic engagement through media and digital portfolios, she also worked for the city of New York under Mayor De Blasio administration. Serena presented projects led by Bloomberg Associates around the world, including London and Prague, as well as new Innovation Districts. Gregory Haley is an Associate Principal with Henning Larsen, a NYC-based real estate and architecture firm. He is also the board president of the Harvard Alumni Architectural and Urban Society, as well as the co-chair of the Global Dialogues committee of AIANY, and the Urban Design committee of the APA NY Metro Chapter. Greg presented the urban challenges Henning Larsen addressed, and how they appreciate Aretian contributions to analyze city topology, morphology, and various urban networks… Other attendees included researchers from CornellTech, NYU, Columbia University, Pratt, SUNY, CUNY, Real Estate firms, investment firms, architecture and design leaders as well as urban thought leaders. 

Ramon Gras also explained 3 applied examples of the novel City Science developed at Aretian Urban Analytics and Design: Urban Design Masterplanning, Real Estate Finance, and Economic Revitalization of Urban Spaces. This event focused on showing urban designers, architects and engineers how to successfully tackle complex urban design challenges by using the Aretian framework, insights and findings. Ramon presented key insights from advanced, data-driven geospatial analyses of cities around the world in an illustrative manner and gave readers a new set of tools to learn from, expand, and develop for the healthy growth of cities and regions around the world.

This new book “City Science: Performance follows Form” presents an extended study of 100 urban environments and metropolitan areas throughout the World, across the 5 different continents. This study replicates in a three-dimensional manner the morphological features of cities and metropolitan areas, as well as the economic and human systems that inhabit them. This research allows us to compare and contrast - in terms of urban performance - not only the quality of the architectural and urban design characteristics and civil engineering infrastructures, but also the impact that those systems have on the quality of life of citizens. This book answers some of the most crucial questions in modern urbanism such as: to what extent are cities able to provide 15-minute city standards? How are cities able to provide and shape a prosperous knowledge economy? As well as a good and efficient intermodal mobility and transportation system? Among other important urban topics. 

Aretian Urban Analytics and Design is a spin-off company from the Harvard Innovation Labs which developed a novel city science methodology evaluating the relationship between city form and urban performance.

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