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Atlas of Innovation Districts - Harvard


Aretian has developed a first-of-its-kind systematic study of 50 notable Innovation Districts in the United States: their specialization, economic impact, as well as the characteristics of the urban ecosystems that welcome and enhance them.

Hover over an Innovation District in the map below to see its performance in terms of Aretian's key metrics on innovation: Innovation Intensity, Innovation Performance, and Innovation Impact.


The second viewer, below, presents more detailed information about each district: its breakdown of industrial sectors and creation of knowledge-intensive employment opportunities, as well as demographic and socioeconomic statistics.

Aretian's Atlas of Innovation Districts explores the secret recipe for high-performing Innovation Districts, unlocking economic potential in communities around the world.

Ready to boost your city's
innovation performance?

“We welcome academic studies and methodologies that help us to better inform strategic decisions that accelerate innovation.”

Israel Ruiz

Executive Vice President and Treasurer at MIT

President of the MIT Corporation

“This research provides novel methodologies and metrics for refining economic development strategies that are responsive to the various growth stages of multi-sector innovation.”

Prof. Jesse Keenan

Faculty at Harvard Graduate School of Design

Atlas of Innovation Districts
Browse the Atlas


Use the atlas viewer below to browse districts in finer detail. To begin, select a district from the dropdown menu.

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