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Aretian's City Digital Twin Product Coming


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Enhance Urban and Economic Decision-Making with Aretian’s City Digital Twin

Aretian’s City Digital Twin (CDT) Product offers an advanced, integrative, and interactive platform that supports urban planning, economic development, and innovation. With a virtual model of their city, stakeholders can simulate, analyze, and optimize urban systems and enhancing decision-making and fostering sustainable growth.

​Key features include:

Data-Driven Insights

Utilize comprehensive datasets to provide diagnostics across various sectors, including housing, mobility, and economic development.

Simulation Modeling

Predictive modeling and scenario planning to assess the impact of potential urban interventions and policy changes.

Visualization Tools

Interactive dashboards and 3D maps for intuitive exploration of urban metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).


Users can analyze and plan for key performance indicators (KPIs) across Five “Core Urban Challenges" through four Value-Added "Phases": Diagnostics, Goal Setting, Scenario Planning, and Recommendations.

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Urban Design

Evaluate and benchmark urban design

and planning strategies, including

city form, density, land use, sustainability, and infrastructure efficiency. Potential KPIs include City Form Fractality, Density, and Entropy.


Economic Development

Identify economic sectoral strengths,

gaps, and investment opportunities, and inform place-specific smart specialization strategies. Potential KPIs include Product Complexity, Density, and Comparative Advantage.


Innovation and Research

Plan innovation hubs and evaluate their economic impact, involving academic research, entrepreneurship, and industry innovation. KPIs include Innovation Intensity, Peformance, and Impact.


Mobility & Logistics

Aid the analysis and improvement of transportation networks and logistics systems. Potential KPIs include Public Transit Accessibility, Logistics.

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Housing & Standard of Living

Assess housing quality, affordability, and accessibility to amenities. Potential KPIs include Housing Distribution, Desirable Amenity Thresholds.

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