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Aretian is an urban design and analytics research firm developing cutting-edge new methods for thinking about urban and economic development. 

At Aretian, we've noticed that people in communities worldwide are asking the same questions

How can we improve the livability, resilience, prosperity, and equity of our cities?


Our approach to answering these questions involves a combination of insights from complexity science, network theory-driven machine learning, mathematical modeling, architecture, urban design, and public policy.


Our mission is to empower communities to achieve their full potential through enhanced livability, resilience, and shared prosperity, driven by innovative urban and economic strategies.


Abundant data presents vast opportunities for enhancing urban design and economic development, but extracting actionable insights remains challenging for many organizations.  Aretian specializes in making sense of complex data, empowering smarter decisions.

Explore below to see how Aretian’s innovative solutions can transform your projects, cities, or organizations.

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Aretian offers design recommendations across various industries and scales, providing tailored consulting from agriculture and airports to metropolitan master planning.

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Collaborating with academic and research partners, our Harvard-based group drives groundbreaking research in Innovation, Networks, and Urbanism.

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Aretian develops custom digital tools, including Business Intelligence Platforms and Digital Twins, to enhance decision-making for cities and organizations.





Within our core services, Aretian leverages our advanced analytics and design methodologies to transform urban economic development challenges into opportunities. Our capabilities span from spatial analysis and network modeling to scenario planning and digital twins, enabling communities to thrive with data-driven insights.

Urban Design and Master Planning

Integrating comprehensive spatial analysis with innovative design strategies to create livable, efficient urban environments that promote economic vitality and social well-being

Scenario and Strategic Planning

Developing robust, data-driven scenarios to craft future-ready strategies for urban and economic growth.

Spatial and Architectural Analysis and Programming

Informing architectural design and space programming, including optimizing locations and floor plans for community-centric public services and innovative spaces.

Predictive Analytics and Simulation

Forecasting urban and economic trends and simulating scenarios to optimize decision-making.

Network and Economic Modelling

Modeling complex systems like industrial, innovation, social, transportation, and infrastructure networks for strategic insights, informing location-based smart specialization straegies.

Digital Twin and Custom Products

Creating real-time digital solutions to warehouse your data, visualize, and manage state-of-the-art analyses, models, and scenarios.

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