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Ramon Gras, Aretian co-founder, participated in an event on Urbanism organized by BBVA in Madrid

In a webinar addressing the sustainability of the cities of the future, BBVA, a Spanish bank headquartered in Madrid, Spain, invited Ramon Gras Alomà, Aretian Urban Analytics and Design co-founder, to speak at the event and to share the knowledge he and Aretian have developed on modern urbanism and the novel Science of Cities. The focus of this webinar with Martha Thorne and Toni Ballabriga was on the cities of 2050, the importance of looking to the past to design the cities of the future, as well as the need to find solutions to face the global challenges of urban environments.

Listen to the webinar here:

During his intervention, Ramon Gras explained how Aretian develops interdisciplinary solutions to face the complex challenges facing the cities of the future. He also talked about the keys to transitioning towards more sustainable cities with as little emission as possible, while also taking into account social inclusion within urban environments. He also pointed out the value of integrating city science and urban design to increase the quality of cities and the quality of life of citizens, whilst minimizing environmental impact, by giving specific examples, such as the Atlas of Innovation Districts or the Paris-La Sorbonne Research Paper (both developed with Aretian). Lastly, he mentioned the importance of overpopulation in some cities in the developed and emerging world and how to combat it.

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Aretian Urban Analytics and Design invited by BBVA Madrid



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