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City Science: Performance follows Form Book Video Presentation

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Ramon Gras Alomà presents the new Aretian Urban Analytics and Design book coming this September, “City Science: Performance follows Form” published by Actar Publishers. Aretian is launching its new publication; a book about the novel City Science methodology developed in the past few years by the Harvard researchers and Aretian partners. This book represents our contribution to urbanism, pushes forward a new theory of cities, and presents the profiles of 100 global cities, comparing and contrasting their urban design features, their ability to fulfill the 15-minute city standards, their ability to create and nurture successful knowledge, economy, ecosystems and to create prosperity and quality of life for their citizens. This book features the work developed by the Aretian team; Ramon Gras Alomà, Jeremy Burke, Fernando Yu, and Gauthier de La Ville-Baugé.

Watch the video here.

The book highlights Aretian’s main contributions in terms of helping shape best practices in terms of urban design, architectural design, civil engineering, economic development, space programming, and allocation in order to raise the quality of life of citizens and create more prosperous, more egalitarian and freer cities and communities around the world.

The book will be published this September. Please subscribe to Aretian Urban Analytics and Design for more news about the future of cities and Innovation Districts.



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