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Aretian was recently mentioned in the second Chaire ETI Notebook, titled “Cities and AI”.

Aretian was recently mentioned in the Chaire ETI Notebook #2 titled “Cities and AI”, in the first part “The Living City”, next to Alex Pentland, Computer Scientist and Professor at MIT, leader of the “Human Dynamics Laboratory” and the “Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program”. In this part of the report, Chaire ETI explains that cities are living organisms that develop constantly and that Artificial Intelligence seems like a poor tool to analyze and contribute to such complex systems.

On another side, they explain that AI offers possibilities that the human mind cannot fathom in terms of analytics and Big Data processing; indeed, AI has the capacity to process unprecedented amounts of data and allows for the creation of a new science of cities, that Aretian continues to develop on a daily basis. Artificial Intelligence in itself does not solve problems, but if we use it as a tool while preserving the humanistic vision that has led many urban projects in the past decades, we can really start to improve our urban environments.

Artificial Intelligence is not the answer to all the urban problems facing the 21st century. It is however a tool that can be leveraged to foster innovation within communities, and Aretian is one of the few companies that strive to solve those issues by promoting better-calibrated solutions for urban and rural communities throughout the World. Identifying a city’s identity through its three networks (Talent, Industries, and Urban infrastructure) is vital to its good development, and that is the mission that Aretian has set for itself: solving global current challenges by empowering people to innovate. The "collective know-how”, first defined by Professor Ricardo Hausmann, is one of the concepts on which Aretian relies to allow cities to produce more wealth, create more employment opportunities, and boost entrepreneurship.

Aretian was mentioned in the Chaire ETI report "Cities and AI"
Aretian was mentioned in the Chaire ETI report "Cities and AI"



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