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Aretian was recently described by a Cornell network science Scholar! Read more about it here:

Aretian was recently described very insightfully in a short summary written by a Cornell network science Scholar. In his short essay, he explains that he was immediately impressed by our method of synthesizing solutions from network theory concepts and data science techniques. Combining practices from complexity science, machine learning, urban design, and network theory, Aretian is answering the question of “How can we make our cities more livable, resilient, prosperous, and equitable places to live?”

Read more about it: here

Aretian provides insights on how a community would react to economic disruption, or where and what are the most competitive industries in a city. Based on the Atlas of Innovation Districts, Aretian’s most important research, we analyze each district’s specialization, their economic impact, and the features of their urban ecosystems that inhibit and enhance innovative growth.

As we manage to visualize the complex system of cities and their communities, we are able to identify the main characteristics and qualities of any district, as well as discern the optimal locations for components, the fragility or resilience of a network, and the features of the relationships between parts of the network. This secret admirer of Aretian also depicts the fact that by improving the physical infrastructure of urban districts and the connections between organizations within the district, the district will remain “well connected, desirable, and able to facilitate fruitful human interaction.”

Thank you, kind stranger, for your admirable and very precise description of our work!



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