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Aretian to present at the Smart City Expo World Congress

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

We are very pleased to announce that Aretian Co-Founders, Jeremy Burke and Ramon Gras, have been asked to be the Keynote Speakers in the City Governance & Finance track at the Smart City World Congress. Our specific panel will be about “Financing Strategies: Investing in Inclusive Economic Development” and we will present on ‘Discoveries from the Atlas of Innovation Districts’.

Aretian presents at Smart City Expo World Congress 2019


During this presentation, we will unveil the answer to the question “how to design our cities to foster an inclusive knowledge economy supporting sustainable growth in the age of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation”.

Innovation Districts are an extremely desirable possibility because they have the potential to significantly improve the economic development of an entire region, and promote equity and fairness for the people living and working around the district. Our solution supports all the community by distributing wealth across all segments of society and spreads multiple opportunities and positive externalities created by innovation.

Ramon Gras (left) and Jeremy Burke (right)

This will be our second participation at the Smart City World Congress in Barcelona, and we are thrilled to have been invited two years in a row. This year we will present a new project: the Atlas of Innovation Districts. Since we published it in August, we have a lot of exciting insights to share with our audience, so be sure to attend our conference! After the conference, we will engage with people for a dialogue on the same topic.

We feel very grateful and honored by the opportunity of being Keynote Speakers at such a great event. We are hoping to be able to connect with many different teams and people at this Congress and develop our network to keep contributing to the different cities around the world.

Aretian Urban Analytics and Design presents at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2019

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