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Aretian received the "Sustainable Cities and Communities Leadership" award at the CogX2020 festival!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Aretian has been awarded the “Sustainable Cities and Communities Leadership Award” at the CogX2020 Festival of Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology, last week. It is with great pleasure and pride that we accept this award that rewards our efforts to create better cities, districts, and communities while promoting innovation and economic growth. This award genuinely emphasizes the focus of our work: creating self-sustaining communities based on innovative spaces and improving the different scales of networks that interact within cities, districts, and communities in order to foster inclusive growth and development.

Aretian was awarded the Sustainable Cities and Communities Leadership Award at COGx

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The theme of the CogX Festival was “how to get the next 10 years right?” and it framed the research stage across industries such as robotics, engineering, mental health, arts, and humanities amongst others. A theme that speaks on a deep level to Aretian, as our team relentlessly works for the future of communities and creates sustainable solutions that will last for decades and centuries to come.

Aretian is a Harvard Innovation Labs startup that focuses on humanistic and sustainable Urban Analytics and Design. Founded by Jeremy Burke and Ramon Gras, our venture is constantly growing as well as expanding its projects to the design of significant infrastructures and clusters throughout the World. We consider that the goal we set for ourselves is of profound significance for the future of humanity as cities truly have become a standard for how most of us will live and interact with each other. Understanding the intricacies of the complex systems that cities represent is more important than ever, as their design will continue to affect billions of individuals as they have since the beginning of each and every civilization.

Sustainable Cities and Communities Leadership Award, COGx

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