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Aretian featured in a new documentary by the ICE and St James’s House about City Design, watch it!

Aretian Urban Analytics and Design was featured in the presentation at Saint James’s House titled “The Future of Engineering”. This presentation was organized in partnership with the British Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). During this event at the ICE headquarters in London a documentary featuring Aretian was aired presenting advanced trends in urban design and civil engineering worldwide. Specifically, Aretian was featured in the documentary Putting the Smart into Cities (you can watch it HERE), a 45-minute movie depicting the efforts led by different industry leaders such as Autodesk, ESRI, and Skanska, among others, in order to contribute to a better understanding of urbanism and an improvement of the way cities are organized and managed.

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Saint James’s House also published a short video about Aretian Urban Analytics and Design featuring Ramon Gras Alomà and Jeremy Burke, the Aretian co-founders, as well as a dedicated page on their website about the company that you can access HERE.

This short video depicts the beginnings of Aretian, which was created after Ramon and Jeremy finished their joint thesis at Harvard University. It also showcases Aretian’s capabilities in urbanism, based on the novel City Science it has been developing over the past few years and describes Aretian’s most recent achievement, its new book titled “City Science: Performance Follows Form”.

You can watch the video about Aretian below:

Saint James’s House is a leading publishing, communications and events company that supports a range of public, private and third-sector organisations. The ICE is the leading organization of Civil Engineers throughout the World, its mission is to give a voice to civil engineers and those working in infrastructure to promote the importance of the work they do for society. They share learning and experience through original research, engaging events, professional development, partnerships, and mentoring and count about 100.000 members.

Aretian is a Harvard-based urban design and analytics research firm that uses cutting-edge methodology to understand and improve urban and economic development through the intelligent and insightful use of data. Its work enables city planners and political leaders to avoid the pitfalls of bad urban design while harnessing the creativity and productivity of cities. Aretian has built a new scientific theory of cities that brings together innovative techniques in the fields of data analytics, complexity science and network theory-driven machine learning to produce high-resolution digital models of cities. These models enable Aretian to study cities more closely and accurately than ever before, developing fresh insights to share with the people who plan, design, build, develop and manage the metropolises of tomorrow.

Aretian advanced technologies and modeling have been further explained in our recent book “City Science: Performance Follows Form”. You can buy it HERE.

Aretian also published five short videos about our mission, our methodology and our goals that you can watch below:

Aretian Introduction: Our Mission

Aretian Introduction: Innovation Districts

Aretian Introduction: the Aretian Methodology

Aretian Introduction: Revolutionizing Smart Cities

Aretian Introduction: Urban Analytics and Design Projects



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