Aretian is an urban design and analytics research firm. We develop cutting-edge new methods for thinking about urban and economic development. 

At Aretian, we hear people in communities around the world asking similar questions: How can we make our cities more livable, resilient, prosperous, and equitable places to live? 


Our unique interdisciplinary approach to answering these questions brings together insights from complexity science, network theory-driven machine learning, mathematical modeling, architecture, urban design, and public policy. 

Our mission is to help communities unlock their full potential, providing high quality of life and distributed prosperity to the people who live and work there.


The world is rich with data. Whether it's data from within your organization or from public sources, this richness of data creates strong opportunities for improving urban design and economic development through data analytics.  

There's just one problem: most organizations don't know how to extract meaningful insights from their data. As a result, these potentially valuable perspectives are not considered in strategic decision making.

That's where Aretian can help you. Across a variety of fields, we specialize in bringing structure and meaning to complex data, empowering you to make smarter decisions. Select a topic area below for examples of how Aretian can help you.



Aretian empowers you to make more informed decisions about urban planning, design, and development.


Working with you, our collaborative process consists of 5 steps:


Think about the entire system first, then frame the problem. Variables that are not intuitive will impact the human outcomes you care about.


Organize the model of your complex system by categorizing and connecting data from distant sources. A story begins to emerge as hidden relationships are revealed.


Identify the characteristics that cluster to form distinct segments. Through these segments, new perspectives on the problem begin to emerge.


Combine insights about the interactions between variables to analyze the dynamics of the entire system. Modeling across multiple scales decreases uncertainty.


Understanding the complex system dynamics at play empowers you to design cities, organizations, and teams that are able to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges.