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Ramon Gras, Aretian co-founder, participated in a Barcelona Government event on Urban Design trends

Ramon Gras Alomà, Aretian Urban Analytics and Design co-founder and Harvard researcher, recently participated in an event about Urbanism organized by the Barcelona City Council. Several global experts xwere invited to participate in the event, such as Mads Birgens, Hannah Abdullah, Natalia Olson, Luis Basabe, Shirley Rodrigues, Juli Capella, Enrique Ibáñez, Germà Bel, and Carlos Moreno, who defined the concept of the 15-minute city. These experts came from cities all around the world (Paris, London, Stockholm, Vienna, San Francisco, Milan, NY, Barcelona, etc.) and discussed the most recent advances in the field of urbanism.

Check the Aretian presentation:

Check out the full event: here.

During the event, Ramon Gras presented several Aretian insights developed in collaboration with co-founder, Jeremy Burke, and the Harvard researcher and Aretian partner, Fernando Yu. He described how Aretian’s Science of City Developed allows practitioners to better understand how cities function and can become more sustainable. He described the 3 Innovation Networks established by Aretian (Talent, Industries and Urban Infrastructure), as well as the findings of the most recent research paper developed by the Aretian team, which links City Typologies and Urban Design to Urban Performance. He also briefly explained the best practices in City Design, which focus on helping the Knowledge Economy flourish. Ramon then concluded his presentation with some recommendations to increase the quality of life of citizens through urban design following the core concepts and ideas of the 15-minute city.

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Aretian invited to contribute in a Barcelona City Council event

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