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El Pais quoted Aretian insights in an article about future opportunities for Barcelona

The Aretian Urban Analytics and Design co-founder, Ramon Gras Alomà, was recently quoted in an article in El País, about Barcelona and its urban innovation potential. The article describes how the last innovative projects in Barcelona have aged and states that the city needs to renew its commitment to innovation through further development of innovation districts. In his quote, Ramon explains that Barcelona has completed the urban and development vision of the last quarter of the 20th century and describes how to improve the current situation and bring new ideas and projects into the 21st century.

Read the article here.

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In this article, he explains that the fractal urban model, as studied by the Aretian team, supports innovation and boosts the knowledge economy by strategically locating desirable amenities within new innovation districts. After discussing the Barcelona area, Ramon suggests that Barcelona should focus on certain specific industries, like robotics for advanced manufacturing, biomedical, urban tech, the creative industries, and digital design industries, taking into account its historical legacy. After having created an urban and economic model of the metropolitan region of Barcelona through the Aretian city science method Ramon concludes that certain urban areas could be strategically renewed to align more closely Barcelona’s strengths with its innovation ecosystem.

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