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Aretian visits the BarcelonaTech Besos campus, in the context of the Besos area urban regeneration

Aretian Urban Analytics and Design is currently taking the lead on the Masterplan for the Barcelona Innovation District Triangle which will be located around the Besòs River, comprising Bon Pastor, La Sagrera, Diagonal Mar, 22@ Est, and Badalona i Les Tres Xemeneies.

Within this project, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech is developing their brand new campus, the “B-Tec Campus Diagonal-Besòs'', which is destined to strengthen the link between Science and Technology institutions in Catalunya by supporting the nascent innovation scene and the companies currently operating in the broader Besòs Area. The B-Tec campus comprises four buildings, and will expand to host nine more in the coming years. The research activities are located in an extensive research complex and are built with the purpose of becoming a crucial anchor institution for the Barcelona Innovation District Triangle by linking knowledge advancements with a vibrant economy for all citizens.

Atlas of Innovation Districts Urban AI Aretian Harvard City Science Urban Design Paris Ramon Gras Alomà Jeremy Burke Fernando Yu Urban Innovation Network Theory Harvard SEAS Harvard GSD Aretian Urban Analytics and Design Boston Cambridge La Sorbonne 15-Minute City Fifteen-minute city Carlos Moreno Barcelona Sandy Pentland Besòs Area Diagonal Mar Tres Xemeneies  Bon Pastor  La Sagrera Barcelona Coast Urban Renewal Innovation District Triangle Barcelona Innovation District Triangle Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya UPC BarcelonaTech B-tec campus B-tec Campus Diagonal-Besòs

Aretian is contributing to shape the urban design vision and economic development strategy for the Besòs area urban regeneration process. By establishing the link between research, technology and knowledge transfer centers and industry value chains, Aretian will allow the Besòs area to thrive in a sustainable manner and improve the lives for the surrounding communities by revamping the district and its amenities, entertainment venues and lifestyle in general.

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