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Aretian publishes an article at Funcas about the challenges of Cities and Innovation Districts

Aretian recently published a research paper titled “The Challenge of Cities, Innovation Districts and Value Chains in the Era of Globalization and Automation” in the special issue on Cities of Funcas, a Think Tank dedicated to economic and social research, and coordinated by Fernando Monge. The article was published in Panorama Social, a semi-annual magazine consisting of articles prepared by interdisciplinary researchers addressing issues of social debate from different analytical perspectives.

Read more here: https://www.funcas.es/revista/ciudades-luces-y-sombras-de-un-mundo-cada-vez-mas-urbano/

In this article, Jeremy Burke and Ramon Gras depict how the technological revolution of the 21st century, which results from progress in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Automation, threatens the way humans work and increases the risks of social and economic inequalities. At Harvard, the Aretian co-founders successfully developed a new Territorial Model of Economic Complexity, a new Science of Cities, which empowers them to present decision-makers with the best urban design and smart specialization solutions by identifying specific components and dynamics within urban and rural environments, thus allowing populations to overcome the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution; the Digital Era.

This scientific article presents some of the results of the analytical model developed by Jeremy Burke, Ramon Gras and Fernando Yu regarding the role that urban design and innovation value chains can play within cities, by concentrating knowledge-intensive activities that improve value chains for product exports and high value-added services. This new methodology can become key to better understand the phenomenon of urban innovation and provide stimulus and guidance for decision-makers. With time, this tool can lead to a driver of analysis that generates more professional opportunities and accelerates the development of a more advanced and humane society.

The Challenge of Cities, Innovation Districts and Value Chains in the Era of Globalization and Automation

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