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Aretian presented its findings at the 2nd "Urban Regeneration and Sustainability" IEREK Conference!

Last week, Jeremy Burke, Ramon Gras, and Fernando YuHarvard researchers and Aretian leaders – presented the findings of their research on the topic of “Geospatial analysis framework for evaluating innovation performance within urban environments” at the 2nd International Conference on "Urban Regeneration and Sustainability" held in London, England. During this conference, The Harvard researchers showcased their capabilities to create better, more sustainable, and inclusive urban environments worldwide by means of city science, economic complexity analysis, and urban design.

Aretian presented at the 2nd "Urban Regeneration and Sustainability Conference"

The 2nd International Conference on "Urban Regeneration and Sustainability” was organized by IEREK – International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange, a network of experts who organized this conference to help establish better and more efficient solutions and plans to solve the rapidly growing challenges within countless numbers of cities around the world by viewing different aspects and solutions offered through presentations and conversations. A selection of the best scientific articles will be published in the peer-reviewed Springer book.

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The motivation behind Aretian’s research comes from the growing importance to further develop urban economics, as urban populations increasingly grow and produce new stresses and opportunities for cities. Another important factor to take into account is the growing economic inequality between the poor/middle classes and the affluent class, which can start to be reversed if appropriate urban measures and new economic opportunities are made available by decision-makers. The research proves the positive, superlinear effects of providing the proper support to the talent networks by means of urban design and merit-based organizational systems.

Throughout the presentation, the Harvard researchers explained the provenance of its data sources, as well as its methodology and objectives. They described the three Aretian Key Performance Indicators – Innovation Intensity (societal effort), Performance (innovation outcomes), and Impact (benefits); and explained how those KPIs could be leveraged to foster progress within cities worldwide, and particularly through the creation of Innovation Districts. They concluded by describing the true benefits that Innovation Districts represent societally, economically, and socially, and how we could create a world with better communities, economic opportunities, and innovations.

Aretian presented at the 2nd "Urban Regeneration and Sustainability Conference"

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