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Aretian leaders invited to contribute at the Berlin Business Talks organized by ACCIO and Diplocat

On Monday, September 13th, the Aretian Urban Analytics and Design leaders, Jeremy Burke and Ramon Gras Alomà contributed to a discussion on the challenges and opportunities surrounding digital transformation of regions and their metropolitan areas throughout Europe. The event, organized by ACCIÓ, the Catalan Government economic development agency, and the Berlin Business Association, focused on how Berlin, Barcelona, and Catalunya can learn from one another to achieve specific digital transformation goals. In addition, this hybrid event was in collaboration with the Berlin Business Association, the Berlin Technology Foundation (Technologiestiftung Berlin), the Berlin City Government, Diplocat, and innovative urban tech startup companies such as Aretian and Eixos. The key themes included: Cities and their metropolitan areas as growth poles and dynamics, employment that generates economic development, resilient economies strengthening the rest of the territory, and the expansion of infrastructures connecting cities with their environment.

Read more about the event here.

Atlas of Innovation Districts  Urban AI Aretian Harvard City Science Urban Design Paris Ramon Gras Alomà Jeremy Burke Fernando Yu Urban Innovation Network Theory Harvard SEAS Harvard GSD Aretian Urban Analytics and Design Boston Cambridge La Sorbonne 15-Minute City Fifteen-minute city Carlos Moreno Barcelona Sandy Pentland Berlin Catalunya Catalonia Gerry Woop State Secretary for Europe for the State of Berlin Gerard Figueras Commissioner for Digital Innovation, e-Government and Good Governance of Barcelona City Council Carlos Carrasco Eixos Jonas Schorr Urban Impact Agency Mirco Dragowski Board of Management BWG Diplocat ACCIÓ
Berlin, Barcelona, and Catalonia

The metropolitan regions of Berlin and Barcelona, and by extension Catalunya, are innovative territories facing the challenges aforementioned. To project themselves into the future, these cities have to find strategies to ensure a resilient and sustainable economy for the city and the territory. This event highlighted the respective strategies of Berlin, Barcelona, and Catalonia and their approaches to future challenges.

The aim of the event was to highlight potential sustainable solutions and share good practices in innovation and economic policies that allow territories to stay at the forefront of innovation on the international stage. Aretian has expertise in the development of innovation ecosystems and best practices to foster such communities and organizations. Ramon and Jeremy shared their insights with the private and public stakeholders during a two-hour conversation. Thank you for the invitation, please feel free to subscribe for more information about our work!



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