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Aretian co-founders invited to join the Tec de Monterrey panel of the INCqro 2021, in Queretaro, MX

Jeremy Burke and Ramon Gras Alomà, Aretian co-founders, were invited to join the panel of the event INCqro 2021 and led the conversation on how to build a successful digital ecosystem for innovation next to Eduardo de la Garza (Monterrey Digital Hub), Julio Noriega (Director of the School of Engineering and Sciences - Tec de Monterrey) and Joseba Buitrón (TI Mobile México, TD2035 Initiative). During this event aiming at strengthening the innovation ecosystem in Mexico, Jeremy and Ramon developed on the work conducted at Aretian focusing on innovation ecosystems, Innovation Districts, and sustainable economies. As the challenges of how to best design cities in the future unfold, Aretian helps companies, universities, public institutions, cities, and regions enhance their industrial, economic, and urban capabilities and resilience.

Atlas of Innovation Districts  Urban AI Aretian Harvard City Science Urban Design Paris Ramon Gras Alomà Jeremy Burke Fernando Yu Urban Innovation Network Theory Harvard SEAS Harvard GSD Aretian Urban Analytics and Design Boston Cambridge La Sorbonne 15-Minute City Fifteen minute city Carlos Moreno Barcelona Sandy Pentland Querétaro Mexico Tec de Monterrey Nuqleo Monterrey Tech Eduardo de la Garza Monterrey Digital Hub Julio Noriega  School of Engineering and Sciences  Joseba Buitrón  TI Mobile México TD2035 Initiative Monterrey Latin America
The Aretian leaders at INCqro 2021

The INCqro event is organized in Querétaro by Nuqleo, an infrastructure project dedicated to open innovation, through a method that seeks to support three strategic sectors: public, academic/scientific, and private. It is organized in partnership with INCmty, one of Latin America’s foremost entrepreneurship platforms, in order to spark innovative ideas and projects from the Querétaro entrepreneurial community and promote interaction between innovation enthusiasts who want to improve businesses in the region and the country. The Aretian leaders are very grateful to have been invited to the second edition of the event and hope to have the possibility to participate once more in a future edition of INCqro.

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