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NYC-Based U.S. Real Estate Market Predictive Modelling

Informing real estate strategy with advanced analytics for targeted investments

NYC-Based U.S. Real Estate Market Predictive Modelling


Aretian leveraged our sophisticated real estate analytics and metrics to guide a client in identifying and prioritizing investment opportunities in the multifamily housing market across the United States. Through detailed analysis of macroeconomic trends, real estate cycles, behavioral factors, and local innovation metrics, Aretian provided actionable insights and precise forecasts for Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) such as Austin, TX; Seattle, WA; and Raleigh, NC, enabling the client to make strategic investments, optimizing their portfolio for high growth and sustainability.

Aretian Methodology - Our Real Estate Model

The Challenge

The NYC-based client aimed to pinpoint the most promising MSAs for multifamily housing investments amid various economic and innovation-driven growth potentials. Traditional models fell short in accurately predicting future market trends and failed to incorporate the impact of local innovation ecosystems on real estate dynamics. To guide their investment strategy, the client needed a comprehensive model to evaluate and rank MSAs based on many factors, including innovation metrics and regional economic conditions.

Aretian’s Solution

Aretian implemented a cutting-edge real estate model integrating their unique metrics, which assess the influence of innovation and economic growth on market performance. This model evaluated 392 MSAs, including Austin, TX; Seattle, WA; Raleigh, NC; and Phoenix, AZ. The analysis employed macroeconomic data, real estate cycles, behavioral trends, and local innovation factors. By clustering MSAs with similar characteristics, Aretian provided a nuanced understanding of each market. The model delivered a scoring and ranking system, forecasting market trajectories over five years.

Aretian US Real Estate Analysis - Our Analysis vs. CoStar


  1. Focused Investment Strategy: we recommended prioritizing investments in specific cities due to their high innovation metrics and favorable growth forecasts

  2. Enhanced Forecasting Precision: Aretian provided reliable projections for multifamily housing markets using a blend of economic, behavioral, and local innovation data, particularly highlighting the rapid growth in Raleigh and the stability in Seattle.

  3. Actionable Insights: we delivered detailed MSA profiles and a comprehensive ranking system, enabling the client to make data-driven investment decisions tailored to market conditions.

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