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CDMX and Monterrey Innovation District Masterplans

Revitalizing Mexico City and Monterrey with cutting-edge analytics for innovation district growth

CDMX and Monterrey Innovation District Masterplans


Aretian collaborated with Tecnológico de Monterrey (Monterrey Tec) to design and implement visionary master plans for both the DistritoTec Innovation District in Monterrey and the CDMX Tlalpan Innovation District in Ciudad de México (CDMX). By leveraging Aretian’s advanced city science methodologies and proprietary Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the projects provided detailed frameworks for economic diversification, talent development, and urban design.

The Challenge

Monterrey Tec sought to revitalize the areas around its campuses by establishing DistritoTec and CDMX Tlalpan as premier innovation districts. Monterrey faced several challenges, including transitioning from a traditional manufacturing-based economy to a more diverse and resilient innovation-driven ecosystem. Similarly, CDMX Tlalpan aimed to grow competitive, interdisciplinary academic programs in line with current technological developments and to align the campus plan with academic goals.

Both campuses wished to create cohesive built environments to support collaboration and innovation, addressing gaps in the integration of working and living spaces.

Aretian - Monterrey Tech Innovation Performance

Aretian’s Solution

Aretian provided a multifaceted approach to transforming Monterrey and CDMX Tlalpan into global innovation hubs.

In Monterrey, we analyzed economic complexity and proposed a Smart Specialization Plan recommending the expansion of advanced manufacturing, nanotechnology, and data science to leverage existing strengths and diversify the economy. Aretian also proposed an Innovation Strategy establishing innovation centers and research labs to improve technology transfer and foster interdisciplinary collaboration, particularly between engineering and medical sciences. We also optimized urban design through a master plan for DistritoTec, integrating dedicated innovation hubs and R&D spaces to support strategic sectors. Finally, we applied Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track progress in innovation employment and startup creation, ensuring alignment with global innovation standards.

At CDMX Tlalpan, Aretian developed an urban design vision to align academic programs with the urban planning layout, boosting the innovation ecosystem. We proposed the establishment of new buildings focused on technology transfer, collaboration, and knowledge diffusion from academia to the real economy. Aretian also identified five Knowledge Transfer Centers (Biotechnology Centers, Design and Engineering Maker Space, Startup Incubator, Innovation Hub, and GovTech Lab) for multidisciplinary applied research, prototype design, innovation, startup incubation, and industrial liaison with surrounding innovative companies.

Aretian CDMX Analysis - Access to Transportation


  • In Monterrey:

    • Aretian focused on expanding high-value sectors like advanced manufacturing and nanotechnology, guiding Monterrey to effectively diversify its economic base.

    • Implemented a comprehensive master plan for DistritoTec, establishing dedicated innovation hubs and optimized R&D spaces, creating a dynamic and collaborative environment for startups and established firms.

    • Monitored progress through KPIs, leading to significant increases in innovation employment and startup creation.

  • At CDMX Tlalpan:

    • Developed a strategic vision aligning academic programs with urban planning to boost innovation.

    • Envisioned urban design scenarios to increase innovation activities and attract top talent.

    • Proposed the development of amenities and services to support a thriving innovation

    • Proposed strategies to increase the density of innovation activities from roughly 7,790 to 18,500 employees, enhancing the district’s potential as a center of innovation in Mexico

Aretian CDMX Urban Design Strategy

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