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Aretian was recently mentioned in the Catalan Newspaper Diari Ara, read more about it here! May 2020

An article recently published in the Catalan Newspaper Diari Ara by Joan Torras Ragué mentions Aretian and describes with very good insight our mission: discovering which industries are more competitive in some locations and why that is the case, as well as finding out what factors can improve the prosperity and quality of life of the most vulnerable communities.

Read more about it: here

In this article, the author deplores the lagging use of new technologies in Europe, warns of the effects of the current economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, and highlights its main collateral damages: the small businesses and self-employed people. He explains that the issue with the technological revolution is not a lack of data but rather a lack of knowledge on how to exploit and interpret this data. In this case, he says, we have an obligation to go further and develop the barely-tapped potential of the amazing tools at our disposal in order to truly help people who need our support.

Aretian at Smart City Expo World Congress 2019, in Barcelona
Aretian at Smart City Expo World Congress 2019, in Barcelona

As Europe is dedicated to act arbitrarily based on perceptions or historical egocentrisms, the old continent is doomed to lag behind in innovation, and this refusal to use technology can really only hurt its economy and sustainability in the long term. The author defends the fact that electing the path of technology would contribute to efficiency, as well as to the reduction of inequalities, to the improvement of the habitability of the different European nations, and to the improvement of human solidarity.

The opportunity we are being given to start using these technologies cannot be ignored. With a little push, we could truly start utilizing properly those revolutionary tools to improve our economic models, make them more efficient, more environmentally friendly and more inclusive for everyone, and improve our quality of life while following a strict ethical code.

“We have an opportunity to transform technology into something really useful for everyone”

Joan Torras Ragué

Aretian was mentioned in the Catalan Newspaper Diari Ara
Aretian was mentioned in the Catalan Newspaper Diari Ara



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