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The Aretian leadership joins Urban AI: the first Think Tank on Urban AI - March 2021

The Aretian Urban Analytics and Design leaders, Jeremy Burke (here), and Ramon Gras Alomà (here) were recently invited to join the Think Tank Urban AI as contributors and advisors. Urban AI is a Think Tank that federates an international ecosystem and a multidisciplinary community. They propose ethical modes of governance and sustainable uses of urban Artificial Intelligence. To accomplish this objective, they carry out research (white papers, trend books, analyzes, ...) and experiments around this concept. Urban AI also aims to be a space for exchange and meeting, a place of debate that welcomes a diversity of points of view around AI and the future of cities and a think tank that helps citizens, public decision makers and corporates to embrace Urban AI.

Check it out here:

Urban AI Aretian Harvard City Science Urban Design Paris Ramon Gras Alomà Jeremy Burke Fernando Yu Urban Innovation Network Theory Harvard SEAS Harvard GSD Aretian Urban Analytics and Design Boston Cambridge
Aretian joins Urban AI, the first Think Tank of its kind!

Like Aretian, the Urban AI Think Tank aims at improving the way of life of thousands of people through technological innovation and optimization. The final goal is not to develop Smart Cities everywhere, but to harness the powers of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to create more humane cities, renew the social contract with better terms for the communities and grow cities in sustainable and smart ways. The Aretian leaders will help this Think Tank grow and continue to share the positive benefits of how AI can be used for good around cities, universities, airports, metropolitan and rural areas. Improving the networks of human activities is one of Aretian’s final objectives, and it seems more important than ever to optimize the way we live, consume, move and work to prepare our communities for the challenges that the future holds.

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