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Read the Aretian Article by Jeremy Burke, Ramon Gras and Fernando Yu: “Catalonia at the Crossroads"

"Exploring Innovation Districts and Industrial Clusters in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region"

Read the full article here:

In order to identify the future possibilities and opportunities in Catalonia, Jeremy Burke, Ramon Gras and Fernando Yu have written an article entitled “Catalonia at the crossroads” in which they explore the untapped potential of the Barcelona Metropolitan Region.

Barcelona and its Metropolitan Region present an amazing opportunity to improve European trade, foster Innovation Hubs and Research, and fight Climate Change. This article creates a roadmap of the different value-added Corridors within the metropolitan area, targeting potential Innovation Districts, as well as establishing a roadmap towards strengthening the trade hub that Catalonia can thus become, having positive and measurable impacts on the region’s economic growth, Catalonia as a whole, and the environment.

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