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MIT EVP Israel Ruiz about the Atlas of Innovation Districts

“MIT is intensely interested in supporting the evolution of Kendall Square, which is being transformed into an urban, mixed-use district with a focus on strengthening community interaction and the area’s innovation ecosystem. We welcome academic studies and methodologies that help us to better inform strategic decisions that accelerate innovation. More than a century after physically moving MIT’s campus to Cambridge, the Kendall development project allows us to create a destination and talent magnet – an environment where people can live, work and play, unleashing a new era of groundbreaking discovery and economic growth across the region. I can imagine Kendall Square a decade from now, with the expanded capacity making it possible to realize an amplified innovation playground anchored on and around MIT.”

Executive Vice President and Treasurer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

President of the MIT Corporation

Atlas of Innovation Districts  Urban AI Aretian Harvard City Science Urban Design Paris Ramon Gras Alomà Jeremy Burke Fernando Yu Urban Innovation Network Theory Harvard SEAS Harvard GSD Aretian Urban Analytics and Design Boston Cambridge Sandy Pentland La Sorbonne 15-Minute City Fifteen minute city Carlos Moreno Barcelona Sandy Pentland

Innovation Districts in the San Francisco Bay Area

Source: Atlas of Innovation Districts

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