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Aretian was recently mentioned in the white paper “Urban AI” written by Hubert Beroche, read it here

Aretian was recently mentioned in the white paper written by Hubert Beroche; “Urban AI”, alongside authors such as Michael Batty, Sandy Pentland, and Ricardo Hausmann. This report attempts to answer the question of whether Artificial Intelligence can help build smarter and more sustainable cities. Urban AI, as explained in this report, is a set of algorithms that learn from urban datasets and are used for solutions that are deployed in a city. It is directly linked to the concept of “Big Urban Data” and is very closely related to Aretian’s work.

Read about it: here.

Urban AI mentions Aretian
Urban AI, a report written by Hubert Beroche, mentions Aretian

Aretian is mentioned in the “Urbanism and Architecture” part of the report, which depicts how urban decision-makers can rely on urban datasets to make better decisions that will bear fruits in the short, medium, and long run. Indeed, as urbanism progresses, urban data became a key part of how to create and plan cities better, and that truly empower communities, companies, and public entities to thrive and become the best version of themselves, by creating sustainable ecosystems that benefit all parties.

As described in this report, Aretian uses AI to identify the economic and industrial strength of cities or districts (Riccardo Hausmann’s “know-how”), and helps cities create resilient and innovative solutions such as Innovation Districts, for instance. Innovation Districts are no trivial matters, as they have to be shaped differently depending on their Anchor Institutions, on the know-how of the communities and industries, and take into account many other extremely complex factors. This practice - Aretian’s secret recipe - opens the door to enlightened urbanism where the economic complexity of a city can become a source of fulfillment and prosperity for its population, companies, and public entities.

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