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Aretian was mentioned in the Spanish newspaper Eje Prime, read about it here! April 2021

Aretian Urban Analytics and Design was recently mentioned in the Spanish newspaper Eje Prime, an online newspaper of economic information specialized in the real estate business in Spain that generates high-quality information on this sector through news, analysis, reports and interviews. In this article, the author explains that Barcelona is well-positioned to capture the post-COVID explosion in the field of urbanism. The article mentions Ramon Gras, Aretian’s co-founder, who explains that the physical form of cities conditions the performance of urban societies and this is the challenge that Aretian has been tackling for the past few years.

Ramon Gras also depicts the fact that cities have an ecosystem of administrative regulations combined with the needs of companies and citizens, and that the most recent problem with cities has been the fact that decision makers either seek to do things based solely on intuition without scientific rigor, or, on the opposite, have been relying on technology too much to solve the issues of their cities. Ramon Gras insists that one needs to differentiate scalable and unique issues for each city, and that individual and unique solutions should be brought forward for each city to develop in a sustainable way.

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