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Aretian was mentioned in Diari de Sabadell after conducting a project in the Sabadell Area! 2020

Aretian was recently mentioned in the Catalan newspaper Diari de Sabadell after completing the ININVallès project. As explained in the article, Aretian Urban Analytics and Design was developing an exhaustive report of the innovation ecosystem in the region and was able to discover the strengths and weaknesses of the four cities of Sabadell, Sant Quirze del Vallès, Castellar del Vallès, and Barberà del Vallès and analyze their different networks of infrastructures, industries, and individuals. After analyzing the four cities and their respective territories, Aretian was able to determine an appropriate diagnostic of the state of innovation of the area in order to consolidate the already existing healthy networks, create new networks where needed and help the entire region transition towards a more sustainable situation economically and socially.

Aretian helped Sabadell and three other cities focus their strengths to become more sustainable and heathy
Aretian analyzed the 3 networks of innovation in the Sabadell Area

The conclusion of the Aretian report was that the region concentrates a very strong advanced manufacturing scene, and sees 28% of its industries thriving locally and internationally. On top of the strong industrial presence, 3 major universities develop complementary research boosting the potential of the region even further. The ININVallès area however does possess a weak element in Knowledge Transfer, as transfers between the 3 universities and the industries in the area are not fully developed and realized.

Among those solutions, the study reported that promoting the transmission of knowledge was paramount, and more particularly the transmission of knowledge from research spaces and universities to companies. Three important clusters were determined as apt to become potential anchors for the Vallès territory: the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute, the UAB - Sabadell, and ESDi; and those institutions will be relied upon in the near future to help the economic development of the region.

Lastly, Aretian analyzed the potential of the neighborhood of Covadonga as a potential innovation district. We concluded that Covadonga in fact would become a great Innovation District if a few rigorous adjustments were made to the proximity of networks of transportations, as well as the development of amenities in the district itself.

Aretian, The Covadonga District in the city of Sabadell, potential innovation district
The Covadonga District in the city of Sabadell

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