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Aretian was awarded the analysis of the PECT ININValles European Union-funded project in Sabadell!

Aretian was recently awarded the analysis of the PECT ININVallès European Union-funded Smart Specialization Project in Sabadell, Catalunya, by the City Council of Sabadell. While analyzing the territory of the city of Sabadell and its components, Aretian will create new insights allowing for a humanistic development of the project with better social inclusion, and a more organic future economic growth while preserving and propelling the innovative ecosystem present in the region. Vallès Occidental has a population of over 925,000 citizens.

Read more about it: HERE

The aim of the PECT ININVallès project is to lead Sabadell and its surrounding municipalities to become a reference territory within the European Union in terms of smart specialization, and Aretian will deploy its original methodology to enable the project to reach this goal. In the words of the Sabadell City Council, “Aretian is a Start-Up led by a team of Harvard researchers, Jeremy Burke and Ramon Gras, who seek solutions to social challenges in a sustainable way in any territory based on scientific rigor. Its aim is to evaluate the impact of the PECT ININVallès from three complex systems; talent, organizational structures, and urban design.”

The PECT ININVallès Project represents an investment of 3.3 million euros, 7 partner entities, and 5 operations. It aims at promoting research, technological development, and innovation in a transversal way for companies and key players for the innovative ecosystem of Sabadell and Catalunya.

Aretian and ININVallès
Aretian and ININVallès

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