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Aretian presents new research at a Conference in Paris at the University of Pantheon - Sorbonne

Today, four members of Aretian Urban Analytics and Design, Jeremy Burke, Ramon Gras, Fernando Yu and Jordan Kruguer, will present at the Paris-based ACIEK conference 2021 (Academy of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge) focusing on “Innovation, Management, and Governance for Sustainable Growth” organized by the IAE Paris, the Business School of the University of Paris I, Pantheon-Sorbonne. They will present and then discuss the research they recently developed at Aretian on the topic of “Geospatial Analysis Framework for Evaluating Urban Design Typologies in Relation with the 15-minute City”. During this presentation, Aretian will explain the different findings linked to city typologies and urban criterias fitting the novel concept of the 15-minute city as a means to address the future challenges cities will face such as population migration, housing shortage, transportation and unemployment, among many others.

Through this research paper, the Aretian Team, a Harvard University research-focused firm, will describe how they evaluated dozens of metropolitan areas and hundreds of cities around the world and demonstrate how the ten different city typologies perform in relation to the 15-minute city. The 15-minute city represents a multi-hub city model, which provides individuals with equal access to housing, places of work, recreation and efficient transport within locally oriented neighborhoods defined by proximity. In the presentation, Aretian’s research revealed interesting patterns and performance results; one of the ten city types showed very promising results: the Fractal City. The fractal city is constructed with a polycentric network and a series of hubs (city/neighborhood centers) that are strategically spread throughout the city providing access to important amenities to residents and businesses alike. Follow us, or subscribe for more information about Aretian’s research and accomplishments!

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Aretian presents at the ACIEK 2021 conference in Paris

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