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Aretian presents at the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative - November 2019

Aretian presents at Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative
Aretian presents at Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative

Aretian’s presentation on the topic of “Providing Evidence-based, Data-driven Decision-support For City Leaders To Successfully Tackle Urban Challenges” was well received at the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative. The Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, a collaboration between Bloomberg Philanthropies, Harvard Kennedy School, and Harvard Business School is designed to inspire and strengthen city leaders, as well as equip them with the tools to lead high-performing, innovative cities.

During this presentation, Aretian Co-Founders, Jeremy Burke and Ramon Gras, discussed how the Atlas of Innovation Districts can be used to support decision-making for mayors of small and large cities by studying the networks of talent, industry, and urban design. The Atlas highlights how the collective know-how of a neighborhood and a city can be used as a smart proxy for economic prosperity and that coupling a high collective know-how system with innovation activities leads to even better prospects and has a great impact on many different scales across the region.

As the issues of today’s cities are primarily related to how residential areas, urban mobility, and economic development are managed by public administrations, Aretian showed how it is possible to create new metrics to describe the systemic patterns that help create accurate diagnostics to foster community well-being. Public entities have traditionally lacked the necessary information to make the right decision for any urban project. With the Atlas of Innovation Districts, the new model based on a combination of Data Science, Network Theory, and Complexity Science in a Machine-learning algorithm can now empower governments with more complete information to anticipate the needs of their communities, minimize the risk of new project implementation, and maximize equitable opportunities for all citizens in their district.

After the presentation, the Aretian team got the opportunity to meet and discuss urban and societal topics related to Innovation Districts such as collaborative governance, education, social mobility, or decision-making on resource distribution with research directors and fellows from the Harvard Kennedy School of Governance. Like Aretian, the ultimate goal of this initiative is to help unlock the full potential of cities and their communities. If you want to know more about this Initiative, visit their website here:

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